Review: Chain of Gold

The first 17 chapters of Chain of Gold: Everything after that: Our rating: (Ngoc: technically a 4.5 stars since Nish rated it 5 stars and I rated it 4 stars but we don't do half ratings in this house). With love, Okay no we kid. We found this absolutely hilarious (and to be fair, above GIFs … Continue reading Review: Chain of Gold

Review: The Unexpected Inlander

Synopsis:  They were never supposed to happen to each other. A love such as theirs was never supposed to endure, not in the highly controlled society of The Sectors. Yet, a chance encounter at dinner led to breakfast at the diner down the road. They each thought they had found their perfect soulmate, but neither … Continue reading Review: The Unexpected Inlander

American Royals: Discussion Post/Review

Synopsis:  The Washingtons have ruled America for almost 250 years. They're gorgeous, fiercely famous and the beating heart of the most glorious royal court in the world. But behind the glittering ballrooms, elegant gowns, and seemingly perfect public personas lie forbidden romances and scandalous secrets. Together four young women will navigate gossip, drama, and the … Continue reading American Royals: Discussion Post/Review