100 Dumplings Challenge (Part 2)

As promised, here is the much anticipated (we kid, nobody asked us to do this but when has that ever stopped us?Â đŸ˜‚âœŒđŸ») part 2 of our attempt to eat 100 dumplings (here's the link to part 1 if you want to witness the beginning of this epic adventure). Will we achieve 100 dumplings as we promised, … Continue reading 100 Dumplings Challenge (Part 2)

100 Dumplings Challenge (Part 1)

So guys, we did a thing.... https://youtu.be/-_LyHRgDOxc Just a disclaimer - no we are not planning on moving to Booktube - YT was just an easy (and free!) way to post this 🙂 Thank you for 100 followers!! We've both joked about doing the 100 dumpling challenge for aaaages, and then as we got closer to … Continue reading 100 Dumplings Challenge (Part 1)

Mid Year Book Freakout Tag: 2019 Edition

Look, technically speaking it's still mid year-ish. So technically we're still allowed to post this. And honestly if any of you are surprised that we're posting this late, then you're in for a wild time on our blog 😂 The Mid Year Book Freakout Tag was created by Chami and Ely on Youtube and Ngoc was originally tagged by Chami when she had … Continue reading Mid Year Book Freakout Tag: 2019 Edition