100 Dumplings Challenge (Part 1)

So guys, we did a thing.... https://youtu.be/-_LyHRgDOxc Just a disclaimer - no we areĀ not planning on moving to Booktube - YT was just an easy (and free!) way to post this šŸ™‚ Thank you for 100 followers!! We've both joked about doing the 100 dumpling challenge for aaaages, and then as we got closer to … Continue reading 100 Dumplings Challenge (Part 1)

We’re back!

Hello!Ā *whispers to each other* um...what do you say when you come back from an unannounced, accidental 3 month hiatus? We are SO sorry to have left for so long and thank you for sticking around, asking about us and making us feel so excited to come back to blogging! Here's a quick update of our … Continue reading We’re back!