Taylor Swift Midnights Book Tag

Hi, friends! It's uh...been awhile, hey? 2 years to be exact. But if you know us, you know there's nothing like a new Taylor Swift album to bring us out of hibernation (sorry that we slept on you, Evermore 😭 ) Some quick life updates before we begin the tag... We finished med school! And … Continue reading Taylor Swift Midnights Book Tag

#BlackLivesMatter: How to Help If You Have No Funds

Hi. This isn't our usual fun, bookish content today. Both of us feel devastated, frustrated, and angered by what is happening in the USA and around the globe. Sadly, it is nothing new. Sadly, this happens every day and the media simply refuse to report it. If you weren't paying attention, you could easily be … Continue reading #BlackLivesMatter: How to Help If You Have No Funds